The 2020 Vision

The Nomadic Peace Caravan sets off from Nelson, B.C Canada on April 20th 2020. Also known as “The 2020 Vision of Peace Across Borders Walk” , it will move south from Canada, across the United States, to Mexico.
Festivals and numerous local events will mark the nomadic peace caravan’s progress and promote its message of world peace, disarmament, and protecting earth’s inherent rights.
The walk signals a fork in the road to direct people towards enlightenment instead of extinction.
The caravan will have parades and marches organized in many of the the towns that it passes through. Whilst still featuring fun music and colorful costumes, we will also be using these parades as a way to connect and educate people regarding environmental awareness and sustainability.
Rights of Nature: We will be bringing petitions and connecting with local and state governments to give rights to waterways and bodies of water.
Environmental Awareness: We will be spreading information regarding the environment and sustainable technology that can help us to live more harmoniously on the planet.
Street Theatre: We will be sharing theatre pieces and inviting the public to get involved on out playful and informative skits.
Seed Sharing: We will be distributing healthy organic heirloom seeds donated from seed banks.
Nuclear Disarmament: We will be asking towns and cities to declare themselves Global Peace Zones. This includes that the municipal area is Nuclear Free and is not in agreement with military intervention as a solution to problems. We will also push for municipal divestment of their funds from financial institutions that back nuclear projects.
when enough of us find inner peace, our institutions will become peaceful and there will be no more occasion for war” – Peace Pilgrim
We, the walkers believe in taking action to model and encourage change. We believe that abundance stems from reciprocal relationship with the earth, not forced extraction. With each step, we will awaken the ancient connection to the planet and through prayer and sharing ideas we will help each other grow. Help us walk for a new vision of peace and prosperity.