Nyki Flyin is a gospel singer and has performed since she was four yrs old. She is a vocal teacher for the Denver public schools.

Alioune Badara Wade is an artist and a painter. He started the School: Gueoul Art in Gueoul, Senegal.

Claire Nord is a minister and a hospice chaplain.

Zea Stallings is a musician and the lead singer of The Copper Children

Summer Wood is an educator with a passion for empowering others to do their best.

You know Gabriel Leland Stallings. Artist and sculptor completed his MFA at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago. Specializing in Art and Social Praxis.

This is Isabella Morozova PhD in Clinical Social Work. She has run an ESL program in Moscow and later brought her family to the US. Her counseling provides needed services to Russian immigrants  who might not otherwise have such an opportunity.

Samantha Nord (left)
artist and field archaeologist, specializing in ancient art and relics. Continuously examining the interplay of ancient symbolism and contemporary arts themes.

Dr. Morozov has a diverse background in Clinical Social Work and International Studies, Dr. Morozov is knowledgeable in addressing diverse issues, including depression, anxiety, trauma, impulse control, relationship issues, problems at school .

Heidi Peterson specializes in the creation of curriculum based social events inspired to raise awareness, learning, and philanthropy of important causes.